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The educational classroom, administration and school system face unique and rapid IT challenges. Creative Business Solutions' extensive academic work has provided the opportunity to represent and discuss current technology within the educational setting.

From the development of personalized profiling systems to the deployment of large scale IT infrastructures, Creative Business Solutions has detailed knowledge of the specialized needs and operational intricacies of academia. The information below and the links on the left will provide specific details and descriptions of the services we offer.

Creative Business Solutions in the Education Marketplace:

Student Information Application
We have forged a series of products that are deliverable to an individual school or district on the basis of their existing student information applications. These products extend the reach of those data stores to a desktop or web available process without the large investment in a fully weblified SIM.

Admissions and Testing Process
Our admissions and testing process is geared to collecting information concerning incoming students and while it specifically addresses the intake process for a private school, it also provides value to the public school for scheduling and testing as new enrollees or transfers enter school. Our Financial Aid program can also be attached to the admissions application and feed information into the Financial Aid allocation process that assists your tracking and reporting needs.

Mail Filtering
We provide content filtering and viral control of inbound Internet mail on a private installation in your existing environment as well as a hosted service for lowering costs or as a means of implementation w/o having to fund a capital expenditure.

Comment and Report Card
Our comment card process is constructed to utilize a student information data store and deliver class enrollment and instructor personalization as well as pre-defined reporting formats for classes or grades. Advisors are linked to the process for review of the student reporting process. This application is fully web enabled for a teacher's convenient use. While the main focus is for report card generation, the application also has a special comments or disciplinary function available to instructors, advisors and administrators.

Centralized Scheduling and Publishing
Event planning and schedule publishing is an ongoing drain on staff time to collect information and publish in a timely fashion. We can help you manage resources, facilities and events via centralized scheduling and publish the information directly to your web site.

Homework Assignment and Submission Process
A homework assignment and submission process has been written with an instructor, advisor and student interface. It also can be scaled to provide the ability to assign a parental link for monitoring homework assignments. It can be interfaced to any back-end data structure, meaning that your teacher and parent interface doesn't have to change if your student information system changes.

Website Deployment and Hosting Services
We also have a low overhead website deployment and hosting services available. The process can be setup for or by the instructor or special interest group to service a group defined by the site owner. This allows rapid deployment and low technical support overhead for classroom homesites, advanced placement groups, community involvement, teacher collaboration or any other special interest group. Privatized chat and blackboard services are available for curriculum development and student to teacher or student to student collaboration.

Web Portals
On a more sophisticated note we have tools for constructing web portals on a customized individual or group process. This takes advantage of portlet technology for delivering functionality without creating customized page content or scripting and static page content. Port redirection for backend services is also provided through these utilities for redundancy planning and sites availability (disaster planning).
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